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Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4 85-inci: TV 3D Desain Mewah

beo4 85inci

Bang & Olufsen memang dikenal dengan perangkat yang memiliki label harga premium alias mahal. Namun bila harga dan ruang tidak menjadi masalah bagi Anda yang sedang mencari televisi, tak ada salahnya melirik B&O BeoVision 4 85-inci ini.

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Keindahan desain yang selalu menjadi ciri khas B&O terasa kental di sini. Aura modern dan elegan kental terpancar dari BeoVision 4, berkat pengunaan bingkai alumunium pada panelnya serta desain kaki-kaki yang berbeda dari kebanyakan televisi pada umumnya. TV Plasma terbaru dari Bang & Olufsen ini telah dilengkapi teknologi 3D yang mengusung konsep active glasses. Selain itu, demi menghindari terjadinya penurunan kualitas gambar setelah lama dipakai, Bang & Olufsen membenamkan teknologi canggih bernama Automatic Colour Management yang mengatur keseimbangan warna setiap 100 jam penggunaan.

Seperti BeoVision lainnya, juga terdapat fitur VisionClear yang dipadukan dengan sensor Automatic Picture Control untuk menyesuaikan tingkat kecerahan di TV agar sesuai dengan kondisi cahaya ruangan. BeoVision 4-85 juga dilengkapi stand dengan motor sehingga amat memudahkan saat Anda harus mengatur sudut pandang.

TV ini juga dilengkapi dengan remote control Beo 6 dan telah dilengkapi loudspeaker BeoLab 10 untuk performa audio lebih baik. BeoLab 10 menggunakan teknologi Acoustic Lens yang menghantarkan suara yang seimbang di mana pun Anda duduk.

Belum ada informasi harga resmi, tapi merujuk ke BeoVision ukuran 103 inci tanpa 3D yang dibandrol sekitar Rp 900 juta, seharusnya BeoVision 4-85 akan dijual lebih murah.

Sekilas fitur:

– Tipe panel: 85-inci 16:9 Plasma display panel
– Resolusi: 1,920 x 1,080 Progressive (Full HD)
– Support 3D dengan Active Glasses
– Contrast ratio: 30,000:1 (typical), max 5,000,000:1 (peak)
– Room Adaption: Automatic Picture Control
– Colour Calibration: Automatic calibration setiap waktu pemakaian 100 jam
– Remote Control: Beo 4 atau Beo 6

[tab:Press Release]

Struer, April 2011 – The BeoVision 4 85-inch plasma TV is the latest member of Bang & Olufsen’s home cinema family and the first Full HD screen with 3D. It incorporates state-of-the-art performance within audio, video, magical moving mechanics and intelligent home integration, all completely controlled by the Beo6 remote control.

With the launch of the BeoVision 4 85-inch TV, Bang & Olufsen keeps their promise: to provide the best picture experience of any plasma screen. Not only does the BeoVision 4-85 plasma panel qualify as ‘Full HD’, which means razor sharp details, rich, lifelike colours and smooth movement of objects on the screen; it is also Bang & Olufsen’s first TV concept that includes 3D technology using active shutter glasses. In addition, with the help of Automatic Colour Management to counter the effects of age, it delivers exceptional picture quality, ensuring the same high level of performance year after year.

“BeoVision 4-85 is designed to give our customers the ultimate TV experience. Although it would appear to be mainly suited for home cinema viewing owing to its exceptional picture quality and its significant size, it encompasses a wide selection of picture improvement technologies such as anti-reflection coating that reduces annoying reflections from the screen and automatic picture control which adjusts the light output and makes BeoVision 4-85 well suited for daytime viewing as well,” says Product Manager, Ole Moltsen.

If you go for the 3D experience, though, you have to close the curtains completely. Given the ongoing advances in the industry, from recording and editing equipment to the products which transmit them, 3D types of experiences are on the verge of having an impact on the entertainment world at large. The new generation of 3D TV viewing is introduced in the BeoVision 4-85. So get ready to be utterly enthralled by a 3D sight and sound sensation from Bang & Olufsen. And watch your TV experience come alive.

Spectacular sound

With the dedicated centre loudspeaker BeoLab 10 utilising Acoustic Lens Technology, BeoVision 4-85 has an unmatched sound performance to accompany the high quality picture performance.

“BeoLab 10 is capable of handling the centre channel perfectly even when combined with our most powerful loudspeaker, BeoLab 5. With the patented Acoustic Lens Technology, sound from the centre channel is spread equally in the horizontal plane, allowing you to get all the nuances from e.g. film dialogue, regardless of where you sit in the room,” says Jens Rahbek, Acoustic Engineer at Bang & Olufsen.

Elegant giant

The new 85-inch member of the BeoVision 4 family is offered with a unique stand that elevates the screen at the touch of a button. When the TV is turned on, the screen will elegantly elevate itself to the optimal viewing position, and the seamlessly integrated BeoLab 10 centre loudspeaker will emerge underneath the screen. At the same time, the screen will turn and tilt according to the user’s preferences. When switched off again, the impressive screen moves down towards the floor in a powerful, sturdy fashion and is parked only inches above the floor, making it look less prominent in the room when not in use.

“Placed on a motorized stand, BeoVision 4 represents a whole new and unique approach to the placement of a giant flat screen TV,” says Product Manager Ole Moltsen. “Bang & Olufsen is among the few companies that are able to deliver a TV screen that size, and we are the only ones who can offer a stand that will actually lift the screen off the floor, and then turn and tilt it to your preferred viewing position.”

BeoVision 4-85 is also available as a screen-only solution, where the screen is mounted on a wall bracket as known from other BeoVision 4 family members.

The size of the carefully crafted 85” screen with its high-grade aluminium frame is impressive, but it becomes even more impressive when the screen starts to move. The movements of the screen and speaker are accelerated and decelerated in the process to underline the muscular progress, and the initial lift of the screen is timed with the start up time of the BeoSystem 3 picture and surround sound engine. The hallmark electronic curtains are then pulled aside while the BeoLab 10 centre loudspeaker is moving forward into position.

Centre of intelligent home

This new TV concept is the cornerstone in the intelligent home as it is a fantastic hub for combining audio and video experiences with other home automation systems. To many customers home automation is becoming more and more interesting, and due to increasingly sophisticated interfaces, Bang & Olufsen customers can actually control and operate all their A/V and home automation equipment from the programmable Beo6 remote control all over the house. Control of light settings plus access to security systems, ventilation, curtains, pool cover, burglar alarm etc. are only some of the countless possibilities.

Due to the extensive flexibility of BeoVision 4-85, its built-in competencies and high-end performance, the customer gets a unique Bang & Olufsen solution that can be customized according to individual preferences by the professional Bang & Olufsen retail organization and carefully selected specialist partners.

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