Razer Blade: Laptop Gaming Revolusioner Setipis MacBook Air

razer blade

Pernahkah Anda menemukan sebuah produk laptop khusus gaming yang dikemas dalam body yang langsing? Saya yakin pasti jarang. Pada umumnya, laptop gaming hadir dengan bodi yang tebal, layar yang besar dan kurang ideal untuk dibawa ke mana-mana.

Razer Blade

Namun kini hadir sebuah laptop gaming dari produsen perlengkapan gaming paling populer di dunia saat ini, Razer, dengan produk laptop gaming terbaru mereka yaitu Razer Blade.

Razer Blade merupakan hasil kolaborasi Razer dengan Intel, dengan tujuan untuk menciptakan sebuah produk laptop gaming yang revolusioner. Oleh karena itu Blade dikemas dalam desain body yang terbuat dari alumunium dan bobot sekitar 0.3 Kg. Ketebalannya yang hanya sekitar 0.88-inci atau kurang dari 2,5cm sukses menjadikannya sebagai laptop gaming paling tipis dan ringan di antara laptop gaming yang ada saat ini.

Hadir dengan layar Full HD berukuran 17-inci berteknologi LED backlit, dibarengi prosesor Intel generasi kedua Intel Core i7-2540M, serta ditunjang RAM 8GB, spesifikasinya jelas lebih besar dibanding bodinya. Performa game dan grafis layak dihandalkan, berkat dukungan kartu grafis NVIDIA GeForce GT555M yang telah mengemas teknologi NVIDIA Optimus. Dan untuk menyajikan performa gaming yang lebih maksimal, Razer Blade hadir dengan inovasi terbaru dari Razer yang dinamakan dengan Switchblade UI.

Switcblade UI hadir berupa panel layar sentuh yang terdiri dari 10 tombol tactile macro yang dapat dikostumisasi dan sebuah LCD yang memiliki dua fungsi. Fungsi pertama untuk menampilkan berbagai info pada saat game sedang dimainkan dengan menggunakan mouse. Dan fungsi kedua dapat dijadikan sebuah multi-touch panel sebagai pengganti mouse layaknya touch pad yang umumnya ada pada sebuah laptop.

Razer Blade dijual dengan harga sekitar US$ 2799.99, dan akan tersedia untuk pasaran Amerika pada kuartal empat tahun 2011.

Sekilas Spesifikasi Razer Blade:
– 2.8GHz Intel? Core™ i7 Processor
– 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory
– Layar 17.3″ LED Backlit (1920×1080)
– NVIDIA GeForce? GT 555M with NVIDIA? Optimus™ Technology 2GB Dedicated GDDR5 Video Memory
– HD Webcam terintegrasi
– SATA HDD berkapistas 320GB 7200rpm
– Wireless Network 802.11 b/g/n
– Dimensi: 16.81″ x 10.9″ x 0.88″
– Berat: 0.3 Kg

Press Release

PAX Prime, Seattle – August 26th, 2011 – The PC industry today has never looked bleaker. The world’s largest PC-maker Hewlett-Packard just announced their intention to explore the separation of its PC business. With PC manufacturers increasingly abandoning design and technology in lieu of outsourcing and cost-cutting, the PC industry has seen a severe dearth of innovation in recent years. Gaming consoles have also taken advantage of this innovation slump in the PC industry to garner attention from game developers and gamers alike, to the extent that now PC versions of cross-platform games are often sub-par ports of their console counterparts.

Razer, the world leader in high performance gaming hardware, introduces the Razer Blade – a full aluminum chassis gaming laptop featuring true portability, incredible performance, and an all-new revolutionary user interface. With the introduction of the Razer Blade – a feat of modern-day systems engineering and technology, Razer is reinvigorating technological and design innovation for the entire PC industry, and encouraging gamers and developers to return to the PC as the primary gaming platform of choice.

Mobile systems developed for gaming today compromise on portability and form factor for game performance. While such machines run games well, they are over 2 inches thick and can weigh more than 10lbs. The Razer Blade measures 0.88 inches thin, less than half that of current mobile gaming systems, and weighs only 6.97lbs, achieving a balance between portability and performance – making it the world’s first true gaming laptop.

Developed in partnership with Intel, the Razer Blade features a fast Intel? Core™ i7 processorand a high performance NVIDIA GeForce? graphics processor. The hardware was designed torun the most demanding games of today without sacrificing the laptop’s portable form factor.The Razer Blade also does not compromise on screen size as it comes with an incredible LED backlit high-definition 17” display.

The Razer Blade features the Switchblade User Interface – Razer’s multi-award winning, highly intuitive interface technology. The interface is comprised of 10 dynamic adaptive tactile keys for easier access of in-game commands, and an LCD capable of two modes: one mode that displays in-game information when a mouse is in use; and another mode that functions as an ultra-sensitive, multi-touch panel designed for gaming on the go.

“The Razer Blade was designed to give gamers a laptop they could truly use on the go,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director, Razer. “Its sleek, lightweight aluminum construction makes it the thinnest 17-inch gaming laptop available today.”

“To truly co-develop a gaming laptop of this caliber with a company like Razer is quite a remarkable feat,” said Mooly Eden, VP and General Manager of the PC Client Group, Intel. “Bringing together our engineering forces and utilizing our fast Intel? Core™ i7 processor, the Razer Blade delivers top-class gaming performance in a very portable form factor.”

“Powered by an advanced NVIDIA GeForce? GPU with award winning NVIDIA? Optimus™ technology, the Razer Blade has the muscle to run cutting edge games with intense graphics while still offering amazing portability,” said Rene Haas, General Manager of Notebook Products, NVIDIA.

“The Switchblade User Interface on the Razer Blade is a revolutionary innovation that truly defines the new standard for gaming experiences on a laptop,” said Min-Liang Tan.

Watch the “Introducing the new Razer Blade” video at www.razerzone.com/blade

About the Razer Blade gaming laptop
The Razer Blade is a 17” gaming laptop that delivers incredible performance and a revolutionary user interface in a sleek, portable form factor. It features a fast Intel? Core™ i7 processor and a high performance NVIDIA GeForce? graphics processor designed in a lightweight aluminum chassis. The revolutionary Switchblade User Interface, found next to a full-size keyboard, was designed from the ground up to enhance gaming experiences and provide more control at the gamer’s fingertips. It features 10 adaptive tactile keys and a multi-touch LCD panel that can also display in-game information. And at just 0.88 inches thin and only weighing 6.97lbs, the Razer Blade is the world’s first true gaming laptop.

Price: US$2799.99

North America Q4 2011

Product Specifications:

* 2.8GHz Intel? Core™ i7 Processor
* 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory
* 17.3″ LED Backlit Display (1920×1080)
* NVIDIA GeForce? GT 555M with NVIDIA? Optimus™ Technology
2GB Dedicated GDDR5 Video Memory
* Built-in HD Webcam
* Integrated 60Wh Battery
* 320GB 7200rpm SATA HDD
* Wireless Network 802.11 b/g/n Compatible
* 16.81″ (Width) x 10.9″ (Depth) x 0.88″ (Height); 6.97lbs (Weight)

For more information, please visit www.razerzone.com/blade

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