[CES 2011] Kuartet notebook Acer terbaru: Aspire 5750, 5750G, 7750G, dan 5253

Kuartet laptop terbaru dari Acer ini memiliki satu kesamaan: menggunakan prosesor terbaru dari Intel dan AMD. Jika 5750, 5750G dan 7750G menggunakan prosesor Core terbaru dari Intel, maka 5253 mengandalkan prosesor AMD E-350 terbaru. Prosesor AMD ini merupakan bagian dari platform Fusion APU yang menjembatani antara netbook dan notebook entry-level.

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Untuk seri 5750, 5750G, dan 7750G, akan memiliki layar berukuran 15,6 inci dan 17,3 inci, dukungan RAM sampai 8GB, serta pilihan graphics card Nvidia GeForce 540M atau ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6550 dan 6650. Seri 5 memiliki kapasitas penyimpanan sebesar 640GB sementara seri 7 lebih besar dengan hard disk 750GB. Ketiga laptop ini telah dilengkapi Dolby Advanced Audio v2 virtual surround sound dan port HDMI, bahkan tersedia opsi bagi Aspire 7750G untuk menggunakan Blu-ray drive.
Sedangkan Aspire 5253 akan mengandalkan layar 15,6 inci dan AMD Radeon HD 6310. Harga untuk Aspire 5750 dan 5750G akan dipatok di kisaran US$899, Aspire 7750G di kisaran US$1029, dan Aspire 5253 merupakan yang termurah dengan bandrol harga sekitar US$ 450.

Perlu dicatat; ini merupakan model yang akan dijual di Amerika Serikat. Untuk Indonesia, model dan spesifikasi tipe yang serupa akan sedikit berbeda.

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Acer America today announced its new line of Aspire notebooks geared for consumers who demand outstanding HD entertainment and smooth multitasking in a mobile form factor. The new notebook lines come packed with features and technology options, including the latest quad-core processing technology from Intel or new dual-core processors from AMD. Combined with Acer’s clear.fi home entertainment solution for sharing content in the home, branded discrete graphics and Blu-ray, the new Aspire line is well equipped for digital applications.

“The new line-up of Aspire notebooks will give consumers advanced productivity and outstanding entertainment capabilities,” said Preeta Anil, senior manager of product marketing for Acer America. “The new Aspire line upholds Acer’s strong tradition of offering first-to-market, leading-edge technologies at budget-friendly prices.”

Everyday Multitasking, Digital Media Enjoyment and Communication
For consumers who desire amplified PC performance, the new Aspire 5750, 5750G and Aspire 7750G notebooks feature the ultra-fast, 2nd-generation Intel® Core i7 (2630QM) quad-core processor with Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, smart graphics power on demand, cutting-edge communication features and advanced surround sound.

Utilizing the power of Intel’s quad-core processors, the Aspire 5750, 5750G and 7750G notebooks provide maximum CPU/GPU performance for amazing high-definition (HD) experiences. The Aspire 7750G allow users to economically configure two DDR3 SODIMM slots, upgradeable up to 8GB1 of system memory via two 4GB memory modules, while the Aspire 5750 and 7750 notebooks come loaded with 4GB or 6GB of memory. The Aspire notebooks offer ample hard drives for storing a vast library of music, videos, images and games, up to 750GB capacity on the Aspire 7750G and up to 640GB on the Aspire 5750.

[CES 2011] Kuartet notebook Acer terbaru: Aspire 5750, 5750G, 7750G, dan 5253 16 acer, amd, aspire, CES 2011, dolby, intel core, multimedia

For consumers who desire a notebook with discrete graphics, the new Aspire series offer next-generation options from both NVIDIA and ATI. The Aspire 5750G is one of the first to market with the new NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M graphics solution, which includes full DirectX 11 support along with NVIDIA Optimus™ technology, a hybrid graphics engine that intelligently optimizes a notebook to switch between UMA or discrete graphics, depending on the application’s needs. The Aspire 7750G notebooks are outfitted with power-efficient discrete ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 6550 or 6650 graphics, which deliver performance on demand for smooth multitasking and impressive multimedia.

The Aspire 5750, 5750G and 7750G notebook series feature visually appealing and practical designs. The notebooks are housed in a black, matte mesh pattern preventing smudges and scratches. With LED-backlit widescreen displays, the Aspire 5750 and 57050G sport a 15.6-inch HD display (1366 x 768 resolution), while the Aspire 7750G touts a 17.3-inch HD+ display (1600 x 900 resolution), ideally suited for entertainment needs and outstanding visual experiences. A complete HD entertainment center, the Aspire notebooks feature Dolby® Advanced Audio v2 virtual surround sound for an immersive audio experience, along with an HDMI port for connecting to an HDTV or external display. The Aspire 7750G notebooks are also available with a Blu-ray drive.

For easy communication needs, the Aspire 5750, 5750G and 7750G notebooks feature clear.fi, Acer’s digital home entertainment solution that automatically connects all Acer devices onto a home network – including a smartphone, notebook, desktop, HD media player and home storage. clear.fi gathers media files from devices, then categorizes by media type, allowing easy access to digital files.

The new Aspire 5750, 5750G and 7750G notebooks will be available for U.S. customers on Jan. 9 at select retailers with prices beginning at a MSRP of $899.99 for the Aspire 5750 and 5750G, and $1029.99 for the Aspire 7750G.

New AMD Dual-Core Technology for Everyday HD Computing
For budget-conscious mobile PC users, the new Aspire 5253 series features the latest AMD E-350 processor with VISION Technology. The new AMD dual-core processor combined with the notebook’s 15.6-inch high-definition LED-backlit Acer CineCrystal™ widescreen display allows consumers to enjoy and share full HD content effortlessly, and experience smooth and vivid DVD and HD video playback.

The Aspire 5253 series offers up to a 320GB hard drive for quick retrieval and storage of digital files, and up to 4GB DDR3 memory, allowing consumers to breeze through multiple tasks simultaneously. Featuring next-generation ATI Radeon™ HD 6310 graphics, the Aspire 5253 series delivers crystal-clear images and brilliant color for the latest games, movies, photos or videos. Taking the visual experience one step further, the Aspire 5253 notebooks also feature an HDMI port, providing crisp, high-quality visuals and audio through a single cable.

The Aspire 5253 series will be available for U.S. customers at select retailers beginning Jan. 9 with prices beginning at a MSRP of $449.99.

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[CES 2011] Kuartet notebook Acer terbaru: Aspire 5750, 5750G, 7750G, dan 5253 17 acer, amd, aspire, CES 2011, dolby, intel core, multimedia
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