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Hands ON: Sony Xperia sola

Masih dari acara peluncuran & penjualan Sony Xperia S di fX Senayan, kami juga melakukan hands on terhadap Sony Xperia sola.

Seperti pernah kami bahas sebelumnya, sola memiliki beberapa fitur utama seperti navigasi floating touch untuk pengalaman penelusuran web yang mudah, Teknologi NFC dan Xperia SmartTags yang memungkinkan pemuatan aplikasi secara cepat dan berbagi konten dengan mudah, Reality Display 3.7 inci dengan Mobile BRAVIA Engine yang memberikan kejernihan pada tampilannya, serta prosesor dual core 1GHz untuk kinerja cepat & stabil.

Soal suara, fitur xLOUD dan teknologi audio 3D surround sound memberikan Anda pengalaman mendengar musik yang tajam dan nyaring. Ada juga fitur hiburan lain seperti Sony Entertainment Network dengan aplikasi pra-instal Music Unlimited dan Video Unlimited.

Meski sola masih disuntikkan Android 2.3, ketersediaan upgrade ke Android 4.0 pada pertengahan 2012 ini. Ketika hands on, kami sempat mencoba langsung teknologi Floating Touch yang dimiliknya. Entah kami yang masih kurang terbiasa atau memang karena versi prototype, teknologi ini masih agak sulit digunakan karena malah sering menimbulkan “kesalahpahaman” antara maksud yang diinginkan dengan yang dibaca oleh sola.

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6 komentar

  1. One more question please :)
    Do you like the contrast of the screen? Is good?
    Comparing to the xperia U, the screen had the same contrast?
    In your video is realy good, but i dont know live…

    1. yeah, the contrast is good enough to play multimedia file, browsing or playing games. but dunno when using under the sunlight. Can’t compare with Xperia U, but I get the same feel with both of screen’s handset.


      more and more questions is welcome.

  2. Thank u. Very kind, i was waiting for your re-upload on youtube.
    When I said problems in the camera menu because I saw u re-touching the options a few times and I was think that the touch screen didnt response well. :)
    sorry about my English :D

    1. That’s because I must hold my (phone) camera with one hand, and another hand operate the smartphone, in long-time periode hands-on recording (more than 1 product in 1 session). So, maybe I get little tired and not focus to touch the screen well. :D

      Haha.. my English isn’t good enough too.. Glad to see you understand what I talking about here. :D

  3. Do u think that touch response is worse than the normal one?
    In camera menu, do u have some problems?
    If u turn off the floating touch make it better?

    1. Dear, Joao. No problems I’d found in camera menu.
      About floating touch, this feature just can be use when you browsing the internet. And, guess what, you are right about “make it better” – floating touch needs many improvement to really understand what we really want to touch. But, the unit that I hands on is prototype, so I can be tolerate any error like that.
      Thanks for being here, by the way. :)

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