Desk Pets TankBot: R/C Mini Untuk iOS dan Android


Untuk mengusir kebosanan Anda dengan banyaknya game dan aplikasi pada perangkat iOS, kini hadir sebuah mainan baru yang mungkin akan membuat aktivitas bermain pada perangkat iOS dan Android menjadi lebih menarik yaitu Desk Pets TankBot.


TankBot adalah hasil kreasi dari perusahaan mainan micro-robotic yang bernama Desk Pets. Nah, TankBot ini merupakan sebuah mainan remote controlled (RC) namun dengan media kendali perangkat iOS atau Android yang Anda miliki. Bisa dibilang TankBot serupa dengan AR Drone yang lebih dulu populer namun dengan ukuran yang lebih kecil.

TankBot menggunakan media baterai yang dapat diisi ulang sebagai sumber tenaganya. Baterai tersebut dapat dengan mudah diisi ulang karena mendukung koneksi USB sebagai konektivitas, jadi Anda cukup menghubungkannya ke laptop atau PC untuk mengisi ulang baterai TankBot.

Tersedia berbagai mode yang dapat Anda pilih untuk memainkan TankBot. Dan yang membuatnya lebih menarik lagi TankBot dapat mengeluarkan efek suara dan setiap warna dari TankBot yang dijual memiliki frekuensi operasi yang berbeda-beda sehingga membuatnya dapat dimainkan secara bersamaan dengan teman-teman.

TankBot dijual dengan harga sekitar US$ 25 dan tersedia dalam 4 pilihan warna yaitu biru, orange, abu-abu, dan hijau.

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Desk Pets International Deploys TankBot, Available Nationwide at Radio Shack and Toys “R” Us
20 Sep 2011

Interactive micro-robotic tank features 3-modes, including maze solving, free-roaming, and smartphone control

Toronto, Canada – (September 20, 2011) – Desk Pets International (HK) Limited, creator of interactive micro-robotic toys and gadgets with big-play value, unveils TankBot, winner of Popular Science’s Best of Toy Fair 2011. Three interactive modes allow TankBot to navigate mazes, free-roam, and be fully controllable by your Apple iOS or Android mobile device. Featuring a built-in USB charger, battery cost is non-existent, giving TankBot hours of inexpensive playtime. Available today for $24.99 at Radio Shack and Toys “R” Us nationwide.

Equipped with a variety of play modes, sounds and maneuvers, TankBot has a personality all its own. In autonomous maze solving mode, infrared sensors allow it to navigate twist, turns and around obstacles with military precision. Set TankBot to free-roaming mode and watch it take the helm, acting under its own direction while providing various sounds including aggressive growls, impatient honks and in the rare case it tips over, even a helpless cry. With Desk Pet’s free downloadable iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile device application, users can fully control TankBot with their mobile device. Using the Apple iOS, dual joystick steering allows realistic tank maneuvers by powering left and right tracks individually. Each TankBot comes with an iDesk Pets universal remote that easily plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile device. Once connected, the application is compatible with TankBot, as well as Desk Pets current products SkitterBot and TrekBot.

Desk Pets International Managing Directors, David Piltz and Michael Trzecieski have high hopes for TankBot as we head into the holiday season. “TankBot’s smartphone compatibility and multiple modes, coupled with budget friendly USB charging and a sub-$25 price point, make it a great stocking stuffer for the holidays,” says Piltz. Michael Trezcieski points to its interactive play and military like maneuvers that set it apart. “In free-roam mode you can block it with your hands and watch it aggressively attack or decide to turn and run. The maze solving mode is incredibly accurate, with complete autonomous navigation TankBot can solve any puzzle you can come up with.”

TankBot features include:

Fully controllable by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile device application Autonomous mode uses IR sensors to navigate mazes, avoid obstacles, and react with military precision
Free roaming mode with various sounds
Retractable USB charger built into body of the product, 40 minutes of charge = 15 minutes of play
Flashing heartbeat eyes pulse when robot is idle
Each color (orange, blue, black, and green) operates on own frequency, allowing for multi-player racing and battling

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